Black Days Have To Be Changed..

Black days have to be changed into silver linings
You must not be trampled one
You must not be scrampled one
Donot be so dejected that brutals expect you
To be disloyal and surrender your country
To be apostate and leave your nation
No doubt it’s onerous to go through the dark days
It’s heart quivering to see scattered chunks of organs
Organs soaked in blood
It’s heart shuddering to enshroud them in coffins
Reverent Muslims! We must not expect us to be maltreated
We must not accept to be subjugated
We must not surrender to be squashed
We are Muslims ,power of all powers
We have to win our battles
We are pilots of our lives not mere passengers
We must not limit our challenges
But,we have to challenge our limits
Get up and tell them ,we are full of faith
We are believers of one Allah Almighty
His unlimited mercy envelops us
Strengthen us to answer the violence
Bow your head in Allah Almighty’s benevolence
Otherwise erect your head and answer the ferocity
Against animosity and ferocity
Let’s pray for tranquillity in every heart
Peace and warmth in every part
Black days have to be changed into silver linings

-Professor Sabeen Rafique

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